These Are The Canadian Provinces That Drink The Most Alcohol

One province beats them all!
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These Are The Canadian Provinces That Drink The Most Alcohol

We all know that Canadians love to drink. Drinking can easily be considered a national pastime here in Canada as every occasion requires some form of alcoholic beverage. Even if you don't drink, there's no denying that alcohol is a fuel that greases the Canadian experience. 

You might be wondering though, which province drinks the most? The results might surprise Quebeckers and Ontarians because both provinces purchase a ton of alcohol. In fact, the average Quebecker spends $782 dollars a year on booze. 

We did some digging and found a lot of data regarding this question. The most recent data we found was from July 2018, but most of the numbers come from a 2015-2016 study conducted on alcohol consumption in Canada.

Let's break it down...

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TL;DR In analyzing a bunch of different studies and data sets, we now have conclusive results proving which Canadian province drinks the most. Some of the results might surprise you!

First, we'll look at the most alcohol consumption per capita in each Canadian province. The following data comes from a 2013 study and a 2016 study that evaluated how many litres of alcohol on average people drank. 

In both studies, the jurisdiction that drank the most alcohol per capita was the Yukon Territory. With 13.5 litres of alcohol, the Yukon far outpaces the next jurisdiction, the Northwest Territories, by two litres. 

Quebec comes in 5th place, following Alberta. Here are the complete rankings according to the data we found:

  1. Yukon Territory [13.5 litres per capita]
  2. Northwest Territory [11.5 litres per capita]
  3. Newfoundland & Labrador [9 litres per capita]
  4. Alberta [9 litres per capita]
  5. Quebec [8.5 litres per capita]
  6. Saskatchewan [8.5 litres per capita]
  7. British Columbia [8.5 litres per capita]
  8. Prince Edward Island [8 litres per capita]
  9. Manitoba [8 litres per capita]
  10. Ontario [8 litres per capita]
  11. Nova Scotia [8 litres per capita]
  12. New Brunswick [7.5 litres per capita] 
  13. Nunavut [2.5 litres per capita]

If we're to look at the data from a daily consumption standpoint, drinking in Canada takes on a whole new light. This dataset, from July 2018, analyzes the daily drinking habits of everyday Canadians. Unfortunately, this study didn't include the three territories and groups the Atlantic provinces into one set. 

According to the study, 57% of Quebeckers drink at least once per week. The numbers are as follows: 

  1. Quebec [57%]
  2. Alberta [52%]
  3. Saskatchewan [51%]
  4. Ontario [47%]
  5. British Columbia [44%]
  6. Manitoba [32%]
  7. Atlantic Canada [28%]

As you can see, we can ask this question in various ways. Let's look at it from an economic standpoint.

According to a 2017 study that evaluated how much the average Canadian spends on alcohol every year, the Northwest Territories spends the most at $1,604 per person per year. 

The results are as follow:

  1. Northwest Territories [$1,604]
  2. Yukon Territory [$1,261]
  3. Newfoundland & Labrador [$1,056]
  4. British Columbia [$864]
  5. Nova Scotia [$789]
  6. Quebec [$782]
  7. Alberta [$768]
  8. Manitoba [$754]
  9. Ontario [$741]
  10. Saskatchewan [$730]
  11. New Brunswick [$676]
  12. Prince Edward Island [$630]
  13. Nunavut [$231]

So, what did we all learn? Seems that the amount spent on alcohol directly correlates to how much you drink. No kidding!

Therefore, the Canadian jurisdiction that drinks the most is the Northwest Territories. If we don't include the territories, Newfoundland &Labrador is by far the province that drinks the most. You go NL! 

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