7 Countries Are Now Offering Free Tuition To All Canadian Students

You might want to consider booking a plane ticket.
7 Countries Are Now Offering Free Tuition To All Canadian Students

School has just started for Canadian university students. For those of you that are in school, you know that it costs a pretty penny for your education. 

Have you ever wanted to just quit school, move abroad, and continue your education for free in an enchanting locale?

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Drop your textbooks and pack your bags, because you can do just that! 

Here's a list of countries where Canadians can study for FREE:


  • Eat as many schnitzels as you please while studying in this beautiful country. For the public universities, there are no tuition fees for undergraduate programs. Don't speak German? No problem! You don't have to meet the German language requirements to study. 


  • Study at any level, especially if you can speak Norwegian, which is required for undergraduate programs. But if you're looking for a master's or PhD level program and don't speak Norwegian, then you're in luck. Study for free while attaining a higher education. 

Denmark, Sweden & Finland 

  • Want to earn your PhD and get paid doing it?! Well you can do just that in these three countries. Even though these countries are known to have a higher cost of living, you'll be able to afford it considering you'll be earning a salary while studying. 

Czech Republic

  • If you speak Czech you can study here completely free of cost at any of their public universities. 


  • France is known for a lot of things – their fashion, food and famous historical sites. Amongst many other wonderful traits, France also offers free tuition to international students. An advantage is speaking French, since most of the programs, of course, are offered in this language. No need to fret if you don't, there are more and more opportunities to study at the graduate level in English. 

You can live abroad and study for free, what's better than that?!