These Are The Gentlemen Of The Street

Style for a fvcking mile.
These Are The Gentlemen Of The Street

For you dudes who often think that the fashion world is catered strongly towards women, and doesn't give men enough attention- you're right.

During Montreal Fashion Week, 90% of the runway shows showcased fashion collections for women.

So what about the guys? Where are they supposed to find style inspiration?

We found just the place! Gentlemen Of The Street is a Tumblr account that showcases everything men love and need- fashion, cars, luxury goods and women!

Gentlemen Of The Street displays a slightly upper scale attitude, but its fashion photos are super authentic, stylish and wearable.

For guys that are looking for some fashion inspiration this fall, be sure to check out Gentlemen Of The Street, and let us know of other domains in which you confide for fashion advice in the comments below!