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These Are The Happiest Jobs In Canada

Hopefully your job is on this list
These Are The Happiest Jobs In Canada

Most people having just finished school or that are thinking about what career path to follow can't help but be worried about their future.

Given that Baby Boomers are retiring later and later and that there are less jobs available for millennials, the most populous generation of all time, knowing what you want to do for the rest of you life and what is going to make you happy is more important than ever. 

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Business Insider compiled a list of the 10 jobs with the happiest workers based on the research from the University of Chicago. there are some jobs that you would expect but also some pretty big surprises.

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These Are the Top 10 Happiest Jobs You Can Have: 10-6

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10. Operational Engineer

This is a pretty broad one seeing as how it encompasses a number of skilled labours from crane operators to the people guiding the construction via computer. One notable statistic is that there are over 470,000 employees with over 400,000 that are unionized along with a projected 12% increase. As far as pay it is no slouch either with over 20$ salaries as well as benefits. What's not to love?

9. Financial Services Sales Agents

This one is another surprise but you end up communicating with all kinds of people and sell them various banking services as well as giving money management advice. The pay isn't that bad either since you pocket a cool 90,00$ on average before potential bonuses.

8. Psychologists

With a median income of over 64,000$, leave it to a psychiatrist to understand that money can't buy happiness. They are often happier and also manage to maintain a strong work/life balance

7. Artists

Another example that money does not equate to happiness. Limitless creativity, extremely flexible hours and the ability to express yourself in any way, shape, or form you please. It is no surprise that you can find peace and happiness with this profession.

6. Teachers

If the shoe fits, this can truly be someone's calling. Sure the pay sometimes is not anything to write home about but some people just absolutely love kids or teaching and it is definitely a mutually beneficial career when you work to teach in schools.

These Are the Top 10 Happiest Jobs You Can Have: 5-1

5. Special Education Teachers

There's just something rewarding about working with special needs kids. I've been lucky enough to have that experience and I have to say it was one of the most rewarding things I have ever undertaken. Doing it for a living must be even more so.

4. Authors

Much like the artists, authors for the most part get unlimited creative reign and and extremely favourable hours. You also get the chance to immerse yourself into a universe that only you can fully experience and love intimately.

3. Physical Therapists

Having had an annoying amount of sports injuries, I've spent my fair share of time in a physiotherapist's office and boy can I tell you, ther=se guys really love their job. It's all the satisfaction of treating someone and you get to join them on their road to recovery which is a something to be immensely proud of.

2. Firefighters

Every kid has wanted to be one at least once in their lives. While it's not for everyone, it is literally the closest job humanly possible to being a reali life superhero.

1. Clergy

Number one on this list really surprised me. When you think about happy jobs, clergy member doesn't really pop out at the top of the list. However, when you think about it, these jobs must give off a spiritual happiness for believers in a way no other profession possibly could.

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