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50 Years Later, These Playboy Bunnies Pose Again

Playboy has become a cultural institution, and the magazine-turned-media-empire has been showcasing beautiful women for over fifty years. As the years have passed, the logo hasn't changed, but all the bunnies have, with the original Playboy playmates reaching well into their golden years.

What happened to these beautiful bombshells of yore? Photographer Robyn Twomey decided to find out, and document how Playboy bunnies look 50 years later.

Now mothers and grandmothers, these ladies weren't photographed in skimpy lingerie or provocative poses (thankfully), as Twomey instead focuses on the people they have become. Some aged gracefully and entered new eras in their lives, others, not so much.

Check out Twomey's photo series below.

How do they look?

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