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These Are The Most Dangerous Neighbourhoods To Spend Halloween In Every Major Canadian City (Maps)

Halloween is just around the corner!

It is a day of great celebration but also heightened social anxiety. Countless festivities and the flow of thousands of people through the streets produce an environment that is ripe for criminal activity.

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TL;DR Below, maps from police departments in each major Canadian city depict the most dangerous areas on Halloween night.

Halloween can be pretty dangerous. On that single night, dozens of misdemeanours and even some incidents of violent assault take place.

Below we've compiled maps and statistics from police departments across the country to determine the most dangerous neighbourhoods in each major Canadian city on and around Halloween.

Hopefully this information helps you plan your evening.

Stay safe, Canada!


The Vancouver crime statistics maps allows users to select a specific date range. This map depicts reported crimes between October 30th and November 1st, 2017.

Via Vancouver Police

Downtown and the area east of downtown, including Strathcona, have the greatest density of reported crimes within a one-day range of Halloween. Most crimes were thefts (brown icons) and petty mischief (orange icons), but several "offenses against a person" (green icons) also took place.

View the Vancouver police department crime map here for more information.


This map depicts reported crimes between October 30th and November 1st, 2017 in Calgary:

Via City of Calgary

The Downtown Commerical Core had the most reported incidents, followed by Beltline (just south of Downtown), and Forest Lawn (further to the east). Most of these incidents appear to involve "social disorder" (things like disorderly behaviour, public urination, and loud parties), but there were also several robberies and physical assaults.

Review the public map for Calgary here.


This map depicts reported crimes in Winnipeg between October 30th and November 1st, 2017. Unfortunately, the size of these icons make it difficult to view exact crime locations.

Via Winnipeg Police

However, it appears the downtown and area between the North End, William Whyte neighbourhood, and St. John's Park had the highest density of crimes around Halloween. Most of these crimes were robberies (grey icons) and home break-ins (orange icons), but there was one homicide (black icon).

Review the Winnipeg Police Department crime map here.


The Toronto crime map is disorganized and practically unnavigable. However, three areas in particular appear to have had the highest concentration of crime between October 30th and November 1st, 2017. Downtown:

Via Toronto Police Service

North Etobicok and western North York:

Via Toronto Police Service

and southern Scarborough:

Via Toronto Police Service

Most of these crimes involved robberies and break-ins. However, these were also dozens of assaults.

Review the Toronto crime map here.


The Ottawa crime map unfortunately only has data for April to October, 2018. So in lieu of crime reports from the forty-eight-hour period around Halloween, here is a map that depicts crimes in Ottawa from April 30th to present:

Via Ottawa Crime Reports

The Lowertown area appears to have been the site of the most reported crimes this year. Here's a closer look:

Via Ottawa Crime Reports

The vast majority of these crimes have involved theft or property damage (blue portion of those little pie charts). Yellow represents "quality of life crimes," which have an unclear definition. Green represents violent crimes. The area around York Street appears to have been the site of the most violent acts this year.

Review the Ottawa crime map here.


The Montreal police crime map only allows users to search crime by month, not between specific dates. So according to data from both October and November 2017, these are the neighbourhoods that had the most reported crime around Halloween:

Centre-Ville and le Quartier des Spectacles

Via Ville de Montréal

the Plateau-Mont-Royal and Gay Village

Via Ville de Montréal

and Hochelaga/Maisonneuve

Via Ville de Montréal

Most of these crimes were simple infractions. However, there were a few dozen robberies. There were also two incidents that led to death in Village.

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