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These Are The Most Dangerous Roads In Quebec

The annual list of Quebec's worst roads has just been revealed.
These Are The Most Dangerous Roads In Quebec

It's no secret that Quebec has some terrible roads. Our rough winters are not easy on our asphalt, and we end up with some ridiculous potholes. The result of these potholes? Countless ruined cars. One map shows the extent of potholes in Montreal, the province's most populated city.

Not all roads are created equal, of course. Each year, the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) asks Quebecers to vote on what they think the worst road in Montreal is.

After 4 weeks and 21, 000 votes, the results are finally in. We now know which roads are the worst in Quebec.

The CAA creates this annual poll to force local governments to do something about the state of the roads. They state that "CAA-Quebec will go to the municipal and provincial authorities involved and ask them to make a pledge to repair them."

Thousands of people all over Quebec voted on the worst road in the province. The CAA makes the tongue-in-cheek comment that, "while every road listed deserves its spot in the top 10, dozens of others could just as well have made it into one of the top slots."

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These are the worst roads in Quebec:

1. Boulevard Gouin Est (Montreal)

2. Montée du Bois-Franc (Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard)

3. Chemin Craig (Lévis)

4. Rue Newton (Boucherville)

5. Boulevard du Grand-Héron (Saint-Jérôme)

This is not the first year that Gouin has topped the list. The city promised last year that it would be fixing the road over the summer.

The CAA also compiled lists of the worst roads by the city. In Montreal, the worst roads are as follows:

1. Boulevard Gouin Est

2. Chemin de la Côte-Saint-Luc

3. Place Chassé

4. Rue Sherbrooke Est

5. Boulevard Pie-IX

According to data from the city of Montreal, a data scientist determined that Boulevard Pie-IX has been repaired so many times that, if we assume that reparations on the boulevard are spread evenly, and that the average human walks about 0.78 m. per step, a human could walk down Pie-IX by only stepping in historically repaired potholes.

Read more about Quebec's worst roads on CAA's website. Read about Montreal's potholes as viewed by a data scientist here.

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