These Are The Most Popular Marijuana Products At Quebec's SQDC

It's officially been over 24 hours since cannabis was legalized in Canada. Unfortunately, not every province has opened stores yet. In Ontario sales are only available online. Quebecers, however, are lucky enough to have a number of stores across the province.

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TL;DR Cannabis retailers across Quebec have been swarmed with people. Since the SQDC opened yesterday, a few specific products have been more popular amongst users. Below are the three most popular products the SQDC is currently selling.

Needless to say, the SQDC was packed yesterday. Thousands of people flooded the government-run cannabis retailers for a chance to be one of the first Canadians to try out legal pot. 

Since then, it's obvious that a few specific products stand out on top for marijuana users across the province. 

To help any newbies and first-time cannabis-users navigate through the dozens of products currently available in stores, here are a few that a lot of Quebecers seem to be getting.

The first on the list is, without a doubt, Tangerine Dream.

Photos of this sativa strain are currently circulating the internet. It has a citrus aroma with medium strength and a THC content of 12-15%. It's so popular that as of now it's currently out of stock online. 

This is probably the most popular product from the SQDC right now, so who knows how quickly stores will be running out of stock, as well.

Next up is Chocolope Sativa.

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Aromas are described as earthy, woody and floral. Chocolope has a much higher THC content of 16-22%. Luckily, this product is still available in stores at $29.20 for 3.5 grams.

A close contendor would defintiely be the CBD capsules that are now out of stock online.


This is a product great for anyone not comfortable smoking cannabis, but still wanting the effects of pain relief and relaxation. 30 capsules of the cannabis oil is included to total out at 3 grams.

So, what's your favourite legal cannabis product so far?

For more information you can visit the SQDC website HERE.