These Are The Only Items That Every Tim Hortons Must Have For Their Customers At All Times

They are surprisingly few!
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These Are The Only Items That Every Tim Hortons Must Have For Their Customers At All Times

We love Tim Hortons. Despite its sometimes bad reputation, the company still holds a special place in the hearts of Canadians. It is the company that perhaps best represents the Canadian brand through its products. Maple-glazed donuts, Canadian flag cookies, and Canada-focused promotions have made Tim Hortons "synonymous" with Canadian identity.

Of course, there are those rare moments when a Tim Hortons franchise may let you down. That donut you've been looking forward to all morning isn't available at your preferred location. Or maybe that warm soup you were counting on as a late-night dinner is gone from the menu.

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TLDR: There are only a handful of Tim Hortons products that all franchises must offer at all times of the day. Other items are offered at the discretion of franchise managers. A list of required items is below.

Well, it turns out there's an explanation for seemingly missing items or sudden disappearances from menus. Narcity did some digging and found out that Tim Hortons franchises are not actually required to offer all advertised menu items or participate in all promotions.

Further, a franchise may choose to only offer certain items for a limited period of time each day. Franchises are not required to continue producing all goods from opening to closing.

According to Tim Hortons employees and Narcity, these are the only bakery goods and sides that every franchise must supply at all times:

  • Bagels: Everything, sesame, plain
  • Beignes: Boston cream, chocolate glazed, maple glazed
  • Cookies: Chocolate chip
  • Muffins: Chocolate chip, fruit explosion, blueberry
  • Timbits: Chocolate, honey glazed
  • Croissants: Plain
  • Soupes: Chicken noodle

According to an employee, there were too many optional items to list. But this list of necessary products excludes notables like the carrot cake, apple fritter, and cinnamon raisin bagel.

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So the next time you walk into a Tim Hortons at 9 PM to find your favourite bakery item missing, don't blame employees for failing to produce all goods. They are just following the direction of their franchise managers, who make decisions about products based on demand.

Stay tuned for more Tim Hortons news.


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