These Are The Only Legal Marijuana Dispensaries That Will Be Open On Time In Quebec

More locations are already planned for the end of the month.
These Are The Only Legal Marijuana Dispensaries That Will Be Open On Time In Quebec

It's no secret by now that cannabis is going to be legal in Canada starting tomorrow. It's up to each province to decide where and when stores will be introduced to the public, meaning your first legal experience buying marijuana can go differently depending on where you live.

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TL;DR The Société Québécoise du Cannabis has officially announced the locations of marijuana retailers across Quebec that will be open for business tomorrow. Below is a list of each location and its address.

Luckily for Quebecers, it's just been confirmed that 12 stores will be opening bright and early tomorrow. You'll have no problem finding a shop anywhere across the province in less than 24 hours.

Unfortunately, however, not every store will open its doors tomorrow. Some openings may even be delayed until the end of the month.

You're probably wondering where exactly these stores will be located. Well, thankfully, we have that information as well.

Below is the address of each cannabis retailer opening for business in Quebec tomorrow, sorted by city:

Québec City:

  • 670, rue Bouvier
  • 2491, chemin Sainte-Foy


  • 95, route du Président-Kennedy


  • 3548, boul. des Forges


  • 965, boul. St-Joseph



  • 970, Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest


  • 9250, Boulevard de l’Acadie


  • 6872 St-Hubert


  • 110-1, rue St-Germain Ouest


  • 13421, boulevard Curé-Labelle


  • 174, boulevard Saint-Luc suite 114


  • 172, Montée Masson

Three more stores are expected to open across the province by the end of the month, including one more location in Montreal. Within the next two to three years the SQDC plans to open a total of 150 to 160 cannabis stores across Quebec.

For more information on the stores that will be opening tomorrow morning in Quebec, click HERE.

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