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These Are The Provinces Who Smoke The Most Weed In Canada

Somehow, Quebec is the least stoned province!
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These Are The Provinces Who Smoke The Most Weed In Canada

The National Cannabis Survey of Canada is a quarterly report released by Statistics Canada every three months that reflects data on cannabis use by Canadians 15 and older. Their latest report showed the percentage of cannabis use by province and the data might surprise you. 

The report shows that cannabis use among Canadians is steadily on the rise. What with legalization and increased access to cannabis, this shouldn't be a shock. Latest data (which didn't include the Northern territories) indicates that changing demographics across the country could be influencing cannabis use. 

According to the National Cannabis Survey, these are Canada's most stoned provinces. 

Via StatsCan

This is the official map released by the National Cannabis Survey.

Yes, you read that right. Nova Scotians are the most stoned people in Canada and proud of it! In the past three months, 22% of Nova Scotians have consumed cannabis, a three per cent difference compared to their neighbours in New Brunswick and Newfoundland. 

It seems that the East Coast, in general, smokes a ton of weed compared to the rest of the country. This might come as a shock to people in Quebec and British Columbia who often brag about their marijuana exploits. 

In fact, B.C. smokes less weed than Alberta and Saskatchewan! Believe it or not, Canada's defacto weed capital doesn't actually smoke that much. You might scoff at that if you live in B.C. because you probably smell some or are smoking some weed right now, but the stats don't lie! 

Somehow, Quebec smokes the least weed in all of Canada. It doesn't surprise me all that much, to be honest. Legalized cannabis in Quebec has been a total mess because our government insists on making everything complicated AF. 

Even more shocking is how many Canadians still don't smoke weed at all. 

Via StatsCan

55% of Canadians still haven't tried the devil's lettuce, with only 5% of us smoking daily or almost daily. 

Former weed smokers make up a big chunk of the demographic. I'm guessing this has to do with the wide age range this data comes from. Many young Canadians don't have such an easy time securing their bag, so no surprise there. 

The super positive thing about legalization is the quality and peace of mind for consumers. Typically, government cannabis stores carry a top-shelf product with many different THC and CBD levels to keep all kinds of people satisfied. 

Via StatsCan

Because of quality and security reasons, 76% of consumers choose legal means. This is probably because your neighbourhood pot dealer hasn't had a good product in years! Sorry, Kyle, but your stemmy and dried-up "purple kush" aren't doing it anymore. 

Armed with this new data, consumers around the country are more aware and informed about their cannabis consumption habits.

Consumer awareness is never a bad thing and will ultimately lead to better quality products and service. 

By the way, Quebec, I see you, and we can do better. Are we really gonna let Ontario beat us?? 

Where does your province rank? 


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