These Are The Top 10 Destinations Millennials In Canada Want To Travel To In 2019

Are you travelling here next year?
These Are The Top 10 Destinations Millennials In Canada Want To Travel To In 2019

With 2018 coming to a close, many of us are already preparing and planning for the events that will take place in the new year. For some, that may include some well deserved travelling and vacation getaways across the world.

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TL;DR A recent nationwide poll asked millennials where they're travelling to in 2019. Below are the top 10 destinations that young Canadians will be visiting in the new year.

If you're at a loss for what to include on your travel bucket list, you won't be for long. Contiki, a travel site geared towards the younger generation, recently ran a poll across Canada to see where millennials will be travelling in 2019. 

It seems like wanderlust has infected the population, because no country is like the other on this surprising list! Needless to say, no matter what your interests are, you'll definitely find a location that piques your interest on this top 10 list.

So, next time you're planning your dream vacation, just take a look at where every other millennial is going in 2019:

1. Jordan

This kingdom in the Middle East is known for its vibrant food scene and stunning desert landscapes, according to CNN.

2. Sri Lanka

The island nation off the coast of India has some stunningly scenic train tours, according to The Telegraph. Just make sure to avoid the areas for which the government of Canada has issued travel advisories.

3. Scotland

The country in the United Kingdom is famous for its rocky, sublime peaks.

4. Japan

Japan is, of course, famous for its food, bustling metropolises, and rich culture.

5. South Africa

The country at the southernmost tip of Africa has a long coastline punctuated with plunging cliffs.

6. Turkey

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Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey, has been a site of cultural exchange for millenia.

7. Egypt

Visitors to Cairo or Alexandria will enjoy both ancient architecture and some of the busiest urban centers in the world.

8. Mexico

The food, ancient and medieval architecture, world-famous beaches, and unique culture attract millions of visitors every year.

9. Slovenia

The tiny country of Slovenia sits atop the azure Adriatic Sea and is famous for its medieval villages and mountains.

10. Belize

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The beaches along the Caribbean Sea are unparalleled.

Are you travelling to any of these enchanting destinations in 2019?

For more information and to start planning your next getaway, visit Contiki HERE.

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