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These Are The Top 5 Deadliest Airlines In The World

Keep this in mind while booking your next vacation.
These Are The Top 5 Deadliest Airlines In The World

Now that the holidays are officially over, some of us are returning from vacations across seas or from visiting family on the other side of the country. To get to your destination there's a good chance you took a plane and you didn't even think twice about it.

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TL;DR Below is the top 5 list of the world's deadliest airlines according to JACDEC. The ranking is based on miles flown, passengers received, and the significance of more recent fatal accidents. Air Canada ranked as one of the safest airlines. More details below.

You might not be too concerned with flying right now, but wait until you find out about the world's deadliest airlines. Yes, there is a chance one of these airlines was the one that was responsible for your last flight. This list may make you think twice about your travel plans.

The ranking system was determined by JACDEC, which evaluated airlines' miles flown, number of passengers received, the national safety rating, and most recent accidents resulting in death.

In case you needed anymore reason toavoid travelling this year, here are the top 5 deadliest airlines in the world:

1. China Airlines

Number of fatalities: 755

2. TAM Airlines

Number of fatalities: 336

3. Air India

Number of fatalities: 329

4. GOL Transportes

Number of fatalities: 154

5. Korean Air

Number of fatalities: 687

As if things couldn't get even more terrifying when it comes to flying, these aren't even the deadliest airlines of all time. The most fatalities of any commercial airline goes to Aeroflot Russian International Airlines at 10,024.

They weren't included on the top 5 list due to the majority of these accidents happening before modern technology and safety advancements were introduced. Regardless, you might be a little more hesitant in the future when booking your next vacation.

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On the bright side, Air Canada has ranked as one of the safest airlines, with their last fatal crash in 1983. This could be because the airline mainly operates Airbus 319 planes, the safest commerical airplanes in the world.

Will you be travelling by plane this year? Hopefully you haven't booked with one of the airlines that made the list for deadliest in the world!

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