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These Are The Worst Days Of The Week Days To Go To The Hospital In Montreal

You might want to bring a book with you.
These Are The Worst Days Of The Week Days To Go To The Hospital In Montreal

You can't really be picky about when you go to the hospital. If there's some kind of emergency, you have no other choice but to head to the nearest ER. Living in Montreal, you'd think with the number of hospitals scattered around the city there would be no problem recieving the medical attention you need. But, the amount of time you actually spend in the waiting room before even being looked at can be more dreadful than any physical pain you're actually in.

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If you've ever gone to an ER in Montreal before, you definitely know what waiting for an eternity feels like. At times it can even take hours before you get called into a private room, and then the only difference is that you're waiting for a doctor for even longer but now you're alone! 

There are, surprisingly, worse times to go to an ER in Montreal than others, and it would be pretty great to know when you have a better chance of seeing a doctor right away, right? Well, you're welcome.


It turns out, there's a pretty regular pattern when it comes to overall chaos and through-the-roof waiting times in Montreal, specifically during the month of August. During a single day, the worst time to go to an ER this month would be from 9AM to 3PM. The reason being is that during these hours, the only wing of a hospital open to public is the emergency room. It's also the time of day when people are more likely to be out enjoying (or injuring themselves) in the Summer weather.


Looking at a larger scale, during a typical week in August, Tuesdays and Thursdays are the worst days to go to an ER. You'd think that weekends would be unimaginable, but good luck seeing a doctor on these days. The only possible explanation for this would be that people tend to go out more during the week, while weekends are reserved for more rest and relaxtion at home.

Hopefully now you'll know how to beat the system when it comes to Montreal ER's, but the best thing you can do to avoid ridiculous wait times is to try your best to avoid hospital-worthy injuries to begin with!


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