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These Canadian Provinces Will Enjoy An Early Spring This Year

Canada winters are famous for being tough, but this winter has been particularly bad even by our standards.

Normally at this time of the year we see a bit of snow, but this year most provinces in Canada have been hit with some heavy snowstorms and temperatures well below average. 

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But just because winter is terrible right now doesn’t mean the entire season is going to be a nightmare. In fact for some areas in Canada are expecting an early spring this year!

British Columbia 

So far BC seems like the big winner of the weather lottery. Not only are they going to enjoy a mild winter, but according to The Weather Network: Preliminary indications are pointing towards an earlier arrival of spring weather.

Prairies and Northwest Ontario

These areas aren't expecting an early spring but luckily it won’t be arriving late either. Plus, this year spring should be much more enjoyable since we aren't expecting any major spring flooding.

Southern Ontario, Eastern Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada

Ontario and Quebec are going to have some mixed feelings when it comes to spring because although the season is expected to be a little bit delayed this year, we're supposed to get an early “spring tease” in March which is bound to make the end of winter a little more bearable. Atlantic Canada is also expecting a late spring.


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