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These Giant "Toe-Biter" Creatures Are Being Found In Canadian Lakes And We’re Never Swimming Again (Video)

Their bite has been described as extremely painful.
These Giant "Toe-Biter" Creatures Are Being Found In Canadian Lakes And We’re Never Swimming Again (Video)

When you think about Canadian animals the ones that usually come to mind are adorable and fuzzy like beavers or chubby squirrels.

But it turns out we have some seriously creepy creatures in Canada including this nightmare inducing Sealamp Ray that was found in Lake Ontario. 

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We also have great white sharks and black widow spiders, but neither of those are as creepy as this next creature we found in Canada. 

They're called Lethocerus Americanus otherwise known as the "Giant Water Bug" or the "Electric-Light Bug". They are commonly known as "Toe-biters" becuase they often attack human when disturbed and their bite has been described as extremely painful. 

They do this by latching onto your foot when you're walking in shallow waters and litterally stabbing you and injecting you with venomous saliva.

@bugsincyberspaceembedded via  

The biggest ones in Canada can grow up to 9 centimeters and they can be found all over the country in ponds, marshes, and on the edges of lakes and slow-moving streams. 

They're so bug they've even been known to attack and eat other large insects, crabs, crayfish, tadpoles, snails, frogs and even small fish.

As if these things weren't freaky enough already, they also fly around at night which means this thing can attack you from land from sea and even from air. 


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