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These Magical "Ice Castles" Have Opened In Canada For The Winter And They're Like A Real Life Frozen Kingdom

Although the holidays have come to an end, that doesn't mean that the magical season is over. With winter about to hit us full force, we really need as many things to look forward to as possible. 

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TL;DR Edmonton is hosting its very own "Ice Castle" experience open to the public for this season only. More locations are available to visit in the US, although locations change annually. General admission tickets are $13.35 for a weekday visit and $17.95 for the weekend. More information below.

Well, what would be more enchanting than actual ice castles? Just the sound of it probably makes you think of the Disney movie Frozen. Thankfully, it isn't just a fairtytale anymore. Yes, winter is about to get way better.

Actual "Ice Castles" have come to Canada and you're going to want to visit them ASAP! They're only here for the season, so there isn't much time left!

To see how exactly these castles are made, watch this video:

The locations of these magical towers change each year, with this year's edition taking place in Edmonton, Alberta. If you're looking for an even bigger adventure along the way, there are five more locations across the United States.

Not all sites are open just yet, but thankfully the Edmonton location is! As if it couldn't get any better, tickets prices have gone down since last year, with anyone ages 12+ only having to pay $13.95 for a weekday ticket and $17.95 for the weekend.

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There really is no reason to wait visiting the magical "Ice Castles" this season! Since the locations change each year, who knows if they'll even be returning to Canada next winter!

For more information on Edmonton's "Ice Castles" and to buy tickets, click HERE.

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