These Montreal Metro Stations Now Have Wi-Fi

Put down the book and start texting.
These Montreal Metro Stations Now Have Wi-Fi

Making a call or shooting a text while riding the Montreal metro network became far easier recently, with several stations gaining cellphone service. 

In a tweet made last Friday, the STM announced that three Orange Line metro stations are now equipped with cellular service. 

🎁 Cadeau de la #STM et de ses partenaires @Bell_FR, @Rogers, @TELUSfr et @Videotron : les stations Laurier, Rosemont et Beaubien sont maintenant branchées au réseau mobile! #techno

December 22, 2017

Riders in Laurier, Rosemont, and Beaubien stations will be enjoying this special holiday “gift” from the STM, in collaboration with Bell, Rogers, Telus, and Videotron, the telecommunications companies installing cell service in the Montreal metro system. 

You can also expect more Orange Line stations to be cellphone-ready in the new year. Stations north of Jean-Talon are going to gain cellular service in 2018, reports The Gazette.

The entire metro system should be completed by 2020.