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These Montreal Office Spaces Will Actually Make You Want To Go To Work Everyday

Office porn at its finest!
These Montreal Office Spaces Will Actually Make You Want To Go To Work Everyday

Have you ever wondered what was hidden in the city's numerous corporate skyscrapers and industrial warehouses? Most companies know that to produce creativity, they first need to inspire it. A stimulating work environment is a huge motivator, and is often the difference between liking your job and loving it.

Montreal is full of great examples of the type of stylish and fun office spaceswe all aspire to work in. Montreal's top startups, entrepreneurs, and mature industries alike have trusted Cushman & Wakefield, the leading commercial real estate services firm in the world, and its Vice Chairman Lloyd Cooper and VP Erik Langburt, to guide them through the entire real estate process and successfully acquire the kind of stunning spaces that help make dream jobs a reality.

Definitely not your typical neon-lit, cubicle farms that scare most of us to our very cores, these fully-customized, state-of-the-art office spaces feature a ton of cool amenities, central locations, and truly do make you actually want to go to work everyday.

1. Lightspeed

Located in the historical Chateau Viger, a former grand hotel and railway station designed by renowned architect Bruce Price in 1898, Lightspeed has 50,000 sq. ft. of office space with exposed brick, woods beams and polished concrete floors. Cool features include a cafeteria designed to feel like a swimming pool and a speakeasy lounge.

2. WB Games

Located at Place Dupuis with a direction connection to the Berri-UQAM metro station, the WB Games offices incorporate its properties such as Batman, Superman, Looney Tunes and Scooby Doo throughout the space and features a movie theatre and rooftop terrace.

3. Google

Our very own Google office is located at 1253 McGill College, a European design building directly connected to the Montreal Underground, with cool features including a glass rock climbing wall running through the middle of the space, a fully-equipped games room, and high-tech lounge.

4. TP1

Located at the corner of Stanley and Ste-Catherine on top of where the new Victoria’s Secret will be, TP1 was voted Montreal’s Coolest Office space in 2012 in a Cushman & Wakefield contest. Cool features include a rooftop terrace and a conference table made from recycled bowling lanes.

5. Media Experts

After 20 years in the same location at the corner of Crescent and Sainte-Catherine, this media company relocated its office to the hip and trendy Mile-Ex neighbourhood in 2014. The space relies heavily on an abundant use of glass to allow lots of natural light to enter, and features include a private chef, gym, and rooftop terrace.

Photo cred - Claude-Simon Langlois

6. Breather

Breather is a company that provides "beautiful, peaceful and practical spaces" for their clients, so it's no surprise its Mile End office embodies that perfectly. Cool features include a "fishbowl" conference room (complete with a ping pong conference table) in the middle of the space, and a new interior staircase linking their new expansion to an additional 5,000 sq. ft. on the floor above with an incredible view of the mountain and Mile End.

7. Autodesk

Built inside of an old factory, Autodesk's Old Montreal building is one of the most unique spaces in the city, which probably explains why they have been there since the mid 90’s. Preserving many of the industrial qualities of the original building, features include an outdoor terrace, multiple skylights, a bike parking garage and repair shop.

8. DentsuBos

Located directly on the Lachine Canal just across the railroad tracks from the Atwater Market, is a beautiful redbrick building owned and occupied by DentsuBos, a global marketing agency.Cool features include a private lap pool, garden terraces, and original hardwood flooring throughout.

Photo cred - Marc Cramer

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