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Remember back in the day, before the days of OPUS cards, when you had to get a transfer ticket to ride between bus and metro lines on the STM public transit network? Okay, so maybe 2008 isn't exactly "back in the day" but newcomers to Montreal and the youngin's probably have no clue bus transfer tickets existed. BORO Clothing remembers the simpler days of bus transfers, and if you do too, you can wear a hat proving it.

BORO clothing, a Montreal fashion line all about representing aspects of culture lost in the modern age, has dedicated an entire collection to the now defunct STM bus transfers. You can nab tees and snap backs repping the classic bus transfer, or more in line with winter, the new "transfer toques."

Available in 6 different colours, BORO clothings transfer toques are simple in design, featuring one solid colour and a stitched-on transfer ticket on the brim of the hat. Nostalgically fashionable, with a sleek minimalist look, we would definitely wear these hats on our head all winter long, keeping our ears warm while making us look cool.

Check out BORO Clothing's transfer toques below and be sure to head to their official website to see more.

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