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These Priceless Artifacts Could Be Lost Or Destroyed In The Notre-Dame Fire In Paris

The Notre-Dame fire and roof collapse appear to have destroyed the cathedral interior.
These Priceless Artifacts Could Be Lost Or Destroyed In The Notre-Dame Fire In Paris

A tragic fire at the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris has consumed the entire structure. Videos posted online show the roof collapsing to the ground, likely meaning the destruction of all contents that were not rescued.

This news is breaking and details of the fire are still unclear. It is unkown at this time how quickly the building was evacuated and whether any of the priceless relics and artifacts inside the cathedral were rescued.

Here is a short list of some of the most cherished items that may be lost.

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TL;DR The fire at the Notre-Dame cathedral may have destroyed some of its most cherished artifacts. Details are few and it's unclear what may have been rescued before fire consumed the structure. Stay tuned for updates.

Crown of Thorns

At Notre Dame, the archdiocese of Paris holds what is allegedly the crown of thorns worn by Jesus at his crucifixion. According to Google Arts & Culture, this is one of "Catholicism's most important relics."

A piece of the cross

The cathedral is also purportedly home to a small piece of the "True Cross" on which Jesus was crucified.

A nail used in the crucifixion

The "Holy Nail" completes the collection of the most cherished relics at Notre-Dame.

850-year-old example of Gothic art and architecture

The famous cathedral is considered "one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture." The fire and susequent roof collapse appears to have consumed everything, including the fine masonry, murals, paintings, and sculptures that decorated the cathedral.

One photo shows flames bursting out of the catherdral's famed rose window.

Stay tuned for updates on this breaking story.


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