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These Rentable Luxury Tree Houses Just Outside Montreal Will Be Quebec's Most Stunning Nature Escape

They're part of an innovative design by architect Anastasia Elrouss.
These Rentable Luxury Tree Houses Just Outside Montreal Will Be Quebec's Most Stunning Nature Escape

For many of us, winter isn't a time of year we appreciate. During the worst of the icy and cold season, our minds might even drift towards warmer days. I'm definitely not alone when I say sunny and warm days could not come fast enough.

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TL;DR An architecture firm has designed a luxury nature oasis one hour outside of Montreal. The 40,000-square-meter location will have at least 10 structures incorporated into the surrounding landscape. Three treehouses will be available for rent by the public upon their completion.

Not only is the weather much more tolerable in the next seasons, but so are the adventures. Days are longer, more time is spent outdoors, wildlife is abundant (depending on where you go), and snow melts away to reveal a long-awaited spring. It really does sound magical!

Lucky for us, the season is going to get even better not too long from now. In a few years, you'll be able to spend a warm summer evening at this luxury treehouse oasis in Sainte-Adèle, Quebec. That's just one hour from Montreal!

The three treehouses planned on a 40,000-square-meter plot are the work of architect Anastasia Elrouss, who calls them a space for "travellers who want to be immersed in nature." 

The treehouse cabins "are a testament to the transformation of wood." Each will have a unique façade: "over time wood cracks, twists ,and deforms, this happens in a way that shows how each piece of wood is unique. Similarly, each tree house has its own identity, or crack, creating its own identity."

The main structure will offer an open-concept living space, including a cooking area, bathroom, and two bunkbeds. The two smaller treehouses are designated sleeping quarters. Each structure effortlessly wraps around a tree, giving you the ultimate outdoor experience through a still luxury setting.

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The three treehouses aren't the only structures under construction in Quebec's Laurentides. In fact, 10 different housing areas are going to be introduced and merged with the surrounding landscape by 2020. These creations include three pavilons, two miniature homes, and a fire-pit gathering area for guests.

The "Haddad Compound," as the project is called, is unlike any other so far in Quebec and has earned Elrouss a German Design Award nomination.

Via Anastasia Elrouss Architects

While some of the larger compounds will be private residences, the treehouses have been created for any travellers in search of up to a week-long getaway. You really won't be able to find this experience anywhere else!

It isn't announced when exactly the properties will be available to rent, but we can only expect that it will be the perfect place to spend relaxing summer nights and fully enjoy Quebec's abundant nature.

Check out more creations from architect Anastasia Elrouss HEREMore details about the Haddad Compound project will appear in January 2019.

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