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These Three Canadian Cities Rank As The Most 'Livable' In The World

Every year The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) releases a list of the most livable cities in the world. They call it the "Global Liveability Index."

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The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)is an organization that collects data and conducts research, and analysis for businesses; they are a world leader in business intelligence.

If you're curious to know how this company went about quantifying and measuring the livability of the cities sampled, you can have a look at the full report available here.

In short, every city is assigned a rating of over 30 qualitative and quantitative factors across five broad categories: stability; healthcare; culture and environment; education; and infrastructure.  

Our #Liveability Index, published today, assesses which locations around the world provide the best or the worst living conditions:

August 14, 2018

In the end, each city received a score, and the scores are then ranked. Here are the cities that came out on top in 2018!

1. Vienna, Austria
2. Melbourne, Austalia
3. Osaka, Tokyo
4. Calgary, Canada
5.Sydney, Australia
6. Vancouver, Canada
7.  Toronto, Canada
8. Tokyo, Japan
9. Copenhagen, Denmark
10. Adelaide, Australia

Although Montreal did not make the top 10, three Canadian cities did! Which means we are tied with Australia for most cities in the top 10.

Once again, Canada comes out on top!


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