These Tiny Homes Are The Future Of Weekend Getaways

Each location is top secret.
These Tiny Homes Are The Future Of Weekend Getaways

Living in the city is great but once in awhile you just need to get away from it all. To be clear, when I say get away from it all, I mean the stress not the comforts of home. And that's exactly what Harvard Innovation Labs had in mind when they created 'Getaway'.

Getaway is a startup that wants to offer people an option between renting a hotel room and going camping.

Getting away from it all doesn't mean you have to sleep on on the ground or shit in the woods, you can go camping in a state of the art mobile micro home.

The campsite currently features 3 micro homes located in Massachusetts. Each house costs $100 per night (which includes supplies) and the location of each house is top secret to make sure you have total solitude.

Here's a look inside these three amazing micro homes.

1. The Ovida

Features: 2 Lofts - 1 Sleeping nook - Snacks - Books - Boardgames - Propane heaters - Solar panels

2. The Lorraine

Features: Fire Pit - BBQ - Perfect for writers - No loft bed - Large windows

3. The Clara

Features: Multi level setup - Suspended seating - Sleeps 4 - Loft beds


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