These Two Montreal Artists Will Take You Into Worlds Of Wonder

This is an open call to all graphic artists, designers, and anyone interested in the creation of modern art in technological mediums.Steambot, a local visual development studio, is hosting their third edition of EXPLORE MTL on Thursday Jan. 23, a special masterclass workshop focusing on creature design. Steambot's founder is a renowned graphic artist himself (see his stuff here) but to show you the ropes and how to make monsters look cool and sexy, the workshop will feature two Montreal artists who are veterans in the field: Veronique Meignaud & David Giraud.

Meignaud is a freelance artist who has worked in the videogame industry, now shifting to any and all other mediums. Her characters and environments are equally mystical and chic, with sharp angles, vibrant colours, and eerie characters.

Giraud is a veteran in the videogame world, working with Ubisoft on many titles including Splinter Cell, Prince of Persia, and Hitman. For those interested in the videogame industry, Giraud knows his stuff and can offer lots to learn.

Check out Meginaud and Giraud's work below!

Veronique Meignaud

David Giraud

Check out the official FB event page for Explore MTL #3 HERE, and SURF the event site.

Will you be checking out Explore MTL #3?

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