These Two Montreal Restaurants Have Banned Tipping

No need for that 5th grade math anymore!
These Two Montreal Restaurants Have Banned Tipping

At this point it's become second nature for us to give a tip when we go out for a nice meal or any meal for that matter. When a waiter or waitress puts in the effort to give you good service, they deserve a tip, whether it's 15%, 18%, 20% or a larger amount if you're feeling generous. 

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That's how the customer service industry we're used to has always worked. But these two Montreal restaurants are trying to change all of that. 

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Restaurant Zero8 located at1141 Rue Bélanger and Bistro Rosie located at 1498 Rue Bélanger both in Montreal's Little Italy area are trying something new and they might be doing it right. 

They've decided to completely eliminate tips for their servers, in fact if a customer tries to give them a tip, their servers will refuse it. Instead of accepting tips they've raised the prices of their food by up by about13% to ensure that each of their employees gets paid at least $15/hour. 

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Prices for a 2-course meal are about $40 and a 4-course meal is about $60. This new policy allows the employer to decide how much their employees will get paid instead of leaving this decision up to the customers. 

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They believe this method helps keep the employees happy so that the restaurant can run in a more efficient and positive way, without the added stress of wages. 

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