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22 Things About The STM That Drive Montrealers Crazy

These will really grind your gears.
22 Things About The STM That Drive Montrealers Crazy

Photo cred - Simon Laroche

That Montreal Girl has a few bones to pick with the STM. The local blogger was inspired (after this prompt) to voice her frustrations, and they truly resonated with us.

We've ranted about our STM rage before, so for a fresh take, here's That Montreal Girl's Taking public transit in Montreal drives me crazy at times:

Taking public transit has it’s good sides, but it also has it’s negative sides.

Here are some of my top pet peeves of using public transit in Montreal :

  1. Line cutters
  2. Nose pickers (really, how much do one of those little packets of tissue cost?)
  3. People who put their shoes on the seat (you do realize people will be sitting there at some point)
  4. People who don’t wait for people to get off the bus/metro before charging in like a bull
  5. People who, for some reason, feel need to talk louder on their cell phones (no, I don’t need to know who is dating who or who is bringing what to the party)
  6. People who take up 2 or 3 seats with their bags and refuse to move them when that is the last seat available
  7. People who cough up a lung or sneeze and don’t cover their mouths
  8. People who use the bus and the subway as a garbage can (how hard is it really to put your trash in the bin?)
  9. People who don’t put their backpacks on the floor of a crowded bus or subway car
  10. People doused with cheap dollar store perfume
  11. People who clip their nails (we don’t really appreciate your nail droppings falling on us or around us)
  12. Women who pluck their eyebrows(I guess they don’t realize that if the bus/subway stops suddenly they might poke their eyeball out)
  13. Women who do their whole make up routine: from the eyelash curler, to putting on foundation, then blush, then eye shadow, then eyeliner, then mascara, then lip liner and finally lipstick (here’s an idea set your alarm for 10 minutes earlier)
  14. Women who style their hair on the bus/subway(I don’t really appreciate you flinging your long hair all over the place and all over my face)
  15. People with their music on so loud that I cannot hear mine
  16. People who won’t give up their seats to pregnant women, the elderly, etc.
  17. People who are late for the bus and the bus driver kindly waits for them, only for that person to get on the bus and not even say thank you
  18. People who dart out in front the bus causing to driver to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting the person causing people to fall
  19. People who open the subway doors after the subway has started leaving the station causing the subway to suddenly stop and people end up falling or flying all over the place
  20. Annoying loud ringtones
  21. People who have the aforementioned annoying ringtones and let their phone ring and ring without answering. If you don’t want to answer, decline the call (not too hard to do) or better yet, leave your phone on silent or vibrate.
  22. People (well ,mostly men) who spread their legs out as far as the eye can see spreading out over 2 seats. While I appreciate that there is precious cargo between your legs, I hardly think IT takes up THAT much room.

How does the STM drive you crazy?

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