Things Canadian Women Should 100% Learn From Russian Women

Their secrets revealed.
Things Canadian Women Should 100% Learn From Russian Women

I already wrote a lot of articles about my Russian heritage. You now know how to spot a Russian girl in Montreal, you also realized how badly you need a Russian girlfriend in your life and even learned about weird food that we love to eat.

Today, I woke up and realized that it's time to share Russian girls' secrets with our readers. Perhaps, it can help some women become the best version of themselves... Otherwise, it can just be an entertaining read.

I can already anticipate some confused comments like, "What does this have to do with Montreal? Who cares?" We live in a multicultural city and learning from each other should be a thing. In other words, this has EVERYTHING to do with Montreal. So ladies, here's what you might want to learn from Russian women.

Never cheap out on your beauty regimen

Russian women have a saying, "The moment you start saving money on yourself is the moment you stop being a woman." Don't EVER cheap out on your beauty routine whether it's: manicure, pedicure, hair appointment or any other beauty procedure. Make yourself your priority. Love yourself first, learn to admire your own reflection, do it for YOU and wonderful things will start to happen.

Dress up every day

Don't wait for a "special occasion" to wear that sexy lingerie set or a new pair of heels. Life happens today! Who says you can't dress up on a Monday? If it can make you feel happier, go for it. There's something magical about that feeling when your outfit is on point, your bra and panties match, you're looking fly and you just know that you can take over the world.


Let your partner take care of you

Canadian women are very proud about being independent and that's great. However, allowing someone to take care of you even though you can perfectly do it by yourself is wonderful. Learn to appreciate kind gestures like someone opening the door for you, for example. Everyone knows you can obviously open that door yourself, but it's nice when you allow someone to do it for you anyway. Say "Thank you!", smile and carry on.

Learn to cook like your grandma

There is nothing hotter than a woman who has her career together, is beautiful inside and out AND can cook like a goddess. So many girls nowadays don't even know how to crack an egg, be ahead of them. If you can't cook - take cooking classes, watch YouTube videos, do something about it... it's so easy!

Never come over empty handed

If you invite a Russian person over for dinner or drinks, they will undoubtedly bring something. It always surprises me when I see people show up to someone's house empty handed. Why not pick something up on your way to your friend's house - it's a small gesture that carries a lot of value. Wine, dessert, a cheese platter... anything! They will really appreciate it.

Learn to give gifts for no reason

In my circle of friends and family, when someone finds a good deal on a product, they get it for everyone. Just because. We exchange little gifts and presents on a regular basis. If I'm shopping and I stumble upon a lipstick sale, I'll buy ten of them to surprise my mom and my girlfriends. It feels so good to give. In addition, if someone happens to really like my bracelet or anything else that belongs to me, I have no problem with gifting it to them, like "Here, you can have it." It's part of our culture.


Learn to handle your alcohol

Don't ever get drunk to the point where you can't stand or talk straight, it's not pretty. There is a difference between being tipsy and drunk. Learn that difference.

Respect the elderly

Russians are taught to respect the elderly from a very young age. We learn to address anyone who is older than us in a special manner (similar to "vouvoyer" in French), not interrupt when they're talking and always offer our seat whether it is in public transport or at a social gathering.

Drink tea

Tea is part of Russian culture. It has a variety of health benefits such as: strengthening your immune system, having a calming effect, fighting diseases, containing a ton of antioxidants and even helping you lose weight.

Host dinner parties instead of going out

Inviting people over for dinner is so much more fun and personal than going out to bars and clubs. Not to mention that it ends up costing you less and everyone can actually enjoy themselves more. Make it a ritual among your friends. You'll be surprised how much tighter your circle (of friends) will get.