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17 Things Every "Good Boyfriend" Needs To Know About Lululemon

What she wears that make you stare.
17 Things Every "Good Boyfriend" Needs To Know About Lululemon

For all the boyfriends out there who are struggling to find that perfect birthday or anniversary gift for their girlfriend, don't worry, I got you. You honestly can't go wrong by getting that special someone the perfect gift from Lululemon. Not only is it just every girl's favourite store, but it also holds the most stylish athletic looks that your girl wants.

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So common guys, what are you waiting for! Stop scrolling through random websites, and stop texting her friends for ideas and instead head out to Lululemon! You will find the perfect gift that will have your girl falling even more in love with you. I mean let's be honest, a happy girlfriend makes for a happy life and the only way to do that is by heading to Lululemon and spoiling them.

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1. You Need To Know That The Staff Is Super Helpful

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Once you walk into Lululemon, you may be overwhelmed by the grandness of the store and all the athletic wear. But don't freak out just yet, the Lululemon staff is super helpful and they are always by your side. They give great assistance and tips on gifts to give to that special someone.

2. You Need To Know That You Can't Go Wrong With A Gift Card

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Even if you feel like you haven't found the right thing for your girlfriend, or if you are too worried to commit to something that she may not like, you honestly can't go wrong with a Lululemon gift card! Gift cards are always a safe option since she can ultimately choose what she wants while having the gift sensation.

3. You Need To Know That They Have The Best Looks For Your Athletic Girlfriend

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If your girl is chic and loves style but also loves to be comfy and workout, then you can't go wrong by getting her a great athletic look. Lululemon has the hippest summer, winter, fall, and spring looks that promote comfort and healthy living. Not only are their looks different and chic, but they are also up and coming. So find your girlfriend new go-to outfit for working out or just a comfy day at home.

4. You Need To Know That There Is Nothing More Attractive Than A Girl With Style

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Not only is it benefiting your girlfriend by getting her a great gift from Lululemon, but it is also benefiting you. I mean let's be honest, there is absolutely nothing more attractive than a girl with great style! And what better place to go than Lululemon!

5. You Need To Know That They Do Returns

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If you happen to get the wrong size or if your girlfriend isn't too crazy about it, don't worry! They give gift receipts and your girl can return her gift with the snap of her fingers! So, your girlfriend can get the right size, a different colour, or something completely different if you happen to make a slight slip up!

6. You Need To Know That They Specialise In Athletic Wear

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Lululemon specialises in stylish and super comfortable athletic wear. Their sports bras are honestly to die for! All their fabrics are designed specially for specific types of exercises such as running, yoga, training, lifting, biking, and much more! So there is definitely something here for your girlfriend!

7. You Need To Know That They Also Sell Great Attire For Men

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While you are shopping for a gift for your girlfriend, you can also check out Lululemon's amazing section for men! They sell great athletic wear for men such as running shorts, biking pants, gym shirts, and much more! This benefits the whole couple since you both will look stylish AF.

8. You Need To Know That Every Girl Wants To Shop There All The Time

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Most Montreal girls' are super obsessed with Lululemon and they always want to shop there. Lululemon is so popular for Montreal girls so you can't go wrong by getting your Montreal girl a gift from there!

9. You Need To Know That They Sell Great Accessories

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Not only do they have great clothes, but they also have killer accessories! They have fabulous water bottles, running socks, hats, gym bags, scarfs, yoga mats, and so much more! You can't go wrong with some cute little accessories to make her feel even more spoiled. Personally, I suggest going with one of their scarfs or amazing socks!

10. You Need To Know That Their Pants Are Super Popular

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For a sexy gift that you and your girlfriend can both enjoy, then I suggest checking out Lululemon's AMAZING pants selection! These pants honestly work wonders. Your girlfriend will definitely have back in these pants since they hug the curves in all the right places. Not only are they super comfortable but they are HOT! Your girl will feel sexy and she can also wear them casually. It is a great gift that can't go wrong.

11.You Need To Know That They Do Repairs For Free

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If an item happens to get a whole on the seam, you and your girlfriend can also bring it back to any Lululemon store for a repair! Oh, and the best part is that if you can't repair it, you get a NEW pair!

12.You Need To Know That You Can Get Items Hemmed For Free

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If your girlfriend happens to be short like me, don't worry! You can get and pants hemmed... FOR FREE!

13. You Need To Know That You Can Also Check Out Their Website

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If you don't have the time to actually head out to one of their stores then I suggest checking out their website. They have all the options that you can also find in the store and their website is also fairly helpful!


14. You Need To Know That They Can Also Ship To Her House

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If you really want to surprise your girlfriend who may not live so close to you or who you won't be seeing on her special day, then I suggest shipping to her house! It is super easy and a great way to surprise your girl.

15. You Need To Know That They Have Free Shipping

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Always a plus!

16. You Need To Know That It's A Safe Bet To Get A Gift Here

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Regardless of what you get her from Lululemon, I can guarantee that she will be happy since you will definitely hit a home-run on her gift this year. Lululemon is truly a place where you can't go wrong and trust me, you will enjoy her gifts just as much as she will! Put a big smile on her face and head out to Lululemon for the best gift of all times!

17. You Need To Know That Every Girl Uses Their Shopping Bags As Lunch Boxes

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Not only are you giving her a great gift, but you are also giving your girlfriend a new lunch box! Literally every girl uses the Lululemon shopping bags to hold their gym stuff or lunch!

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