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Things That Happen When You Stop Checking Your Phone Every 2 Seconds

Put your phone down.
Things That Happen When You Stop Checking Your Phone Every 2 Seconds

I have a very bad habit of always staring into my phone screen, reading your comments and then crying myself to sleep. My friends and family hate it, so I've been trying to challenge myself and not look at my phone every two seconds.

On my way to work this morning I intentionally left my phone in my pocket and spent the entire time looking at people. It was so cool... way more entertaining than reading your comments, to tell you the truth LOL.

So here's what happens when you stop checking your phone all the time.

1. You become less stressed

A study at University of Gothenburg examined the correlation between cellphone use and feelings of anxiety, stress and depression over the course of a year. The results were very worrisome - frequent mobile use is, in fact, directly related to depression. Crazy!

2. Your eyes can rest

Scientists believe that looking at your phone for long periods of time can be detrimental to your eyes' health condition.

3. You can wink at cuties around you

Duh! I was actually quite surprised this morning - there are a LOT of cute guys walking the streets of Montreal. I was like, "Hiiiiiiii!"

4. You look more approachable

You're no longer building up an invisible wall by staring at your phone and separating yourself from the rest of the world.

5. You're less exposed to bacteria

Apparently, a study in England found that one in six cellphones was contaminated with fecal matter. Yikes, ew, gross!

6. Your neck can finally rest

There's a new medical condition that's called "text neck." It happens when you tilt your head to look at your phone. You damage your cervical spine and, in the long run, it can be very bad.

7. You become more sane

Did you know that phones can mess with our heads?Indiana University came up with a new scientific term "phantom pocket vibration syndrome." You know when you think your phone is vibrating when it's actually not? Yeah, it's happened to me. Hallucinations.

8. You become more connected with those around you

Instead of separating yourself from the crowd, you connect to those around you. If someone cute walks by, you'll actually notice them, introduce yourself and then add them on Facebook probably.

9. You live in the moment

You're not distracting yourself with virtual stimuli anymore... instead, you're present in the moment, you observe your surroundings and savour every second of your life. That's real talk.

10. You can make new friends

When is the last time you met someone on the street? Exactly. If you put your phone down, you can actually meet new people and potentially form meaningful friendships. Who knows?

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