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Things To Do At Montreal's Mural Festival 2015

The city’s biggest block party on Saint-Laurent Street is back.
Things To Do At Montreal's Mural Festival 2015

Among the many amazing things Montreal is renowned for, its street art really does make this city stand out from the crowd. Where many an outsider would be tempted to see spray-paint on a brick wall as vandalism, we know that street art, done well, is so much more. Montreal's colourful and diverse street art has become a reflection of our very culture, each mural telling its own story, and making our concrete jungle the unique place that it is.

A major driving force elevating our street art to the world-class movement it is today, the MURAL International Public Art Festival, better known as Mural Fest, is back to take over the heart of the city from June 4 to 14 right here on The Main.

The 3rd edition of Mural Fest will span a full 11 days this year and promises 20 new murals to be created live in front of our eyes by artists from 8 different countries, as well as appearances by a number of major local and Canadian artists, bringing the total count to 50 major pieces created since the festival began back in 2013.

During Mural Fest, Saint-Laurent Boulevard will be closed off to traffic from Sherbrooke Street to Mont-Royal Avenue, allowing merchants and festival goers the freedom to roam and truly enjoy Montreal's summer vibes. There will be an art fair, various musical performances including a special live show from Montreal’s own A-Trak (!), conferences, movies, workshops and numerous other street activities and special events to choose from. See y’all there!

Mural Fest 2015 is bigger and better than ever, so make sure to check out the full schedule of events below and visit the official Mural website for all the details.

Mural Fest 2015 Program:

June 4 to 14: Live creation of the 2015 murals and street closure

June 4 to 14: Guided tours of the MURAL sites

June 4: Opening show presented by Saintwoods (location to be revealed)

June 4 to 7 and June 11 to 14: The Market (Parc du Portugal)

June 5 to 7: MURAL art fair (main area, 3527 St-Laurent)

June 7 to 10: #Muralhack and free workshops at Notman House

June 8 to 10: Food truck gathering (Mont-Royal/Marie-Anne)

June 8 to 10:Grill St-Laurent

June 8 to 10:Conferencing program at Excentris

June 8 to 12: Film program at Excentris

June 12: Cloud Cypher international dance competition (main area)

June 13:Block party presented by Osheaga (main area)

June 14:Fool’s Gold records “Homecoming” show featuring A-Trak and guests (main area)