Here Are 25 Lovely Things About Spring In Montreal

Get sprung about the season.
Here Are 25 Lovely Things About Spring In Montreal

Oh, spring, how we've missed you. Yes, you've made some surprise appearances here and there, teasing us with your arrival, but you weren't quite ready yet.

You're all good to go now though (right? right!?) as today's weather has shown us. And even though you may take a while before you really get in the groove, it's pretty safe to say that spring has officially sprung in Montreal.

We're already overly excited about all of the joys the season brings, so much in fact, that we created a list of lovely things about spring in Montreal. Hey, making lists is what we do, so don't be surprised and get as jazzed about spring as we are. All you need to do is read on below.

#1 Waking Up To The Sun; Light Still Shining Past 5pm

God bless the spring time-jump forward.

#2 Seeing The Last Bits Of Ice And Snow Melted Away By Sunlight

There's something simply satisfying at witnessing the last vestiges of winter being utterly destroyed by the season's newfound warmth.

#3 The Return Of Squirrels

So cute, so iconically Montreal.

#4 Being Able To Rock A Light Jacket

And all of the lighter clothes you get to wear. Winter does not allow for a lot of fashion-variety.

#5 Swinging On The 21 Balançoires

There's something so freeing about a swingset.

#6 That First Day You Can Actually Go Chill In The Park

Sure, you might have to wear a coat and the ground may be a bit soggy, but you have a beer in the park and that's all that matters.

#7 The Moment You Walk Outside And The Wind Is Refreshing, Not Painful

Your head is held high in utter ecstasy, no longer hidden in a scarf for fear of frostbite.

#8 Hearing The Birds Chirp In The Morning

Nothing says "lets start the day!" like the enthusiastic chirping of birds.

#9 Seeing All The Strange Stuff Hidden Beneath Layers Of Snow

When the snow melts, all of that stuff you dumped on the ground comes to light, and it basically reaffirms how Montrealers are entirely unique.

#10 Seeing Green Return To The Trees

It's a slow process, but oh-so-satisfying.

#11 Pink Balls Hanging From The Village

The surest sign summer is almost here.

Photo cred - Via Vi photography for Mural

#12 Festival Season Begins To Sprout

Finally, there are things to do for free outside.

#13 The First Sip Of Beer On A Terrasse

Or sangria. Heck, even water, it's just so satisfying.

#14 Getting To Go To Every Musuem For Free

Musuem Day is one of the most underrated aspects of spring in Montreal.

#15 Bixis Coming Back

And this year, the bike sharing service is supposed to be even better.

#16 Seeing All Of The Butterflies Go Free

The Botanical Garden + beautiful insects = a true sensory experience. Read more here.

Photo cred - @realliliwhite

#17  420 At Mont Royal

'Nuff said.

#18 Rainy Days Spent Indoors

Spring brings rain, but that just means the return of all the city's green, plus an excuse to Netflix all day.

#19 Watching The Flowers Slowly Bloom

In line with the above: April showers bring May flowers.

#20 Being Able To Dance Outdoors At Piknic Electronik

Soon, so soon.

#21 Seeing All The Students Packed In The Library For Exams While You Enjoy The Good Weather

Sorry guys, it's not our fault exam season is right when the weather gets enjoyable.

Photo cred - kemcoba

#22 Montreal's Ice Cream Shops Open For Business

Helloooo Kem Coba.

#23 Enjoying A $1 Croissant

April 30th can't come quickly enough.

#24 Seeing Food Trucks On The Streets Again

Almost as gratifying as enjoying a meal from a food truck.

#25 That Excited Feeling You Get In The Pit Of Your Stomach Every Time It Warms Up A Bit

You can literally feel the city coming alive again.

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