Things To Do In Montreal If You Forget Your Wallet At Home

It can happen to anybody.
Things To Do In Montreal If You Forget Your Wallet At Home

Every morning, I take West Island's "train de banlieue" to get Downtown and then hop on the orange line to get to work. This Wednesday,  I took the train as usual. When I got to the metro station, I suddenly realized that I forgot my wallet at home. So I basically found myself completely helpless in the middle of Downtown. The lady at the metro station wouldn't let me pass for free, so I just sat there and questioned my life choices for a little while. But then I realized that my struggle would make a decent post for people like me. So here's what you can do in Montreal when you forget your wallet at home.


If you have your phone with you, you can easily request an Uber pickup. That's what I did after my failed attempt of trying to get inside the metro for free. It was such a relief when I remembered that Uber existed... my other option was to call my mom and cry.

Otherwise, you can walk to your destination. You can also try and ask random people to spare some change, but after I got rejected by the lady from the metro station (Bonaventure, in case you're curious where the evil resides), I no longer have faith in humanity.

Also, my coworker told me that I could've easily jumped over the metro turnstile. I wouldn't take that chance though.


I had three options: 1) ask a coworker to lend me some money, 2) steal someone else's lunch or 3) head to a nearby grocery store and stuff my face with free food samples. Another grocery store trick is to ask the nice lady/gentleman at the counter to try any of the pre-made salads and what not. They usually let you try them for free. I opted for #2 and didn't get caught, so that went great.


There are actually a bunch of things you can do in Montreal for free. For example, did you know that Place des Festivals is turned into an interactive winter wonderland playground for the whole month of January? You get to play with sounds/lighting effects and forget that you're an adult without spending a single penny.

Another cool Montreal activity allows for people to watch French movies free of charge. You can find more info here.

Here's a whole blog post dedicated to free things you could do in Montreal this January 2016.

Please, don't forget your wallet at home because it honestly sucks. But if you do, I hope this post helped.

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