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10 Montreal Bars That Will Mend Your Heart If You Just Got Dumped

So you can focus on having a good time.

Guys, there's seriously zero shame in being dumped. I've been dumped. I've dumped people. It's just a part of life, TBH.

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Sure, it might hurt a little bit in the beginning - but that's the best time. That's the time you learn how to pull yourself out of whatever despair you might be feeling, and learn how to move on.

And you can't do that without a little help. These spots are super fun, and will absolutely help you focus more on having the time of your life than the person who just left it.


Who here wants to have fun... in a 1940s, Gatsby themed kind of way? Everyone? Great. That's what I thought. And Montreal's Bord'Elle is pretty much the best place in the whole city to do that. With a super fun vibe, this spot will get you focusing on having a seriously good time!

Le 4e Mur

If you're looking for a chill place with awesome cocktails, look no further than this Plateau bar. Not only are the cocktails on fleek, but the spot is super hidden, and honestly, nothing's cooler than a hidden bar!

Nacho Libre

One word, friends: turnt. This is the ultimate spot to get yourself to if you're down to have a seriously fun time dancing, drinking, and enjoying life.


Because nothing feels better than surrounding yourself with your favourite literary themes, this Harry Potter bar (which features delicious dishes and flaming drinks!) is the perfect spot for enjoying your life.

Le Mal Nécessaire

Any spot that serves drinks in pineapples and coconuts is A-OK in my book, and this small Chinatown bar just happens to have the added benefit of being fun AF.

Candi Bar

What even is there to say about Candi Bar anymore? This spot, situated in the Plateau, is probably the perfect place to have a seriously good time. Their slushie drinks are the stuff of legends, TBH.


This Old Montreal bar might be super sophisticated, but trust, you'll have the time of your life here.

La Champagnerie

Nothing is better than toasting to your ex - and your future - than doing so at a champagne bar. Bonus points if you sabre your own bottle.

Atwater Cocktail Club

Honestly, this spot is the perfect place to grab a delicious cocktail, jam to some great music, and have a great time. 
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