Running is my favourite form of exercise. You can make your own playlist, run at your own pace, and go for as long as want. You're in control of your workout. So if you're having a not so great running day, just make it a short run and take your time or if you get out there and you're absolutely killing it, run twice as much as you usually would and bump up the pace!

What makes running, for me, not as horrible as other workouts is also the routes that you can choose. During the summer months Montreal really comes alive with nature, people and scenery which makes it the perfect place for running.

There really are some gorgeous views you can get while you're running in this city, which will definitely distract you from whatever feelings you're having towards your run. So take my advice and try these routes! I guarantee you'll enjoy them.

1. Old Port

Length: 4 km 

The Old Port is so beautiful in the summer time. With cobble stone streets and views of the St. Lawrence River this is definitely one of the best scenic running routes here in Montreal. Not a very long run but you can make it longer if you want. Start at Square Victoria and run down McGill until you reach Rue de la Commune and just keep going from there!

2. Mont-Royal

Length: 7 km 

Another no-brainer, this is an amazing scenic running route right here in Montreal. If you start at the angel statue and continue up and over the mountain this route is a full 7 km! Get some amazing views through the park and at the top of the mountain, an amazing view over the city!

3. Parc Jean Drapeau Loops

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Length: 5-10 km

Parc Jean Drapeau is filled with amazing things to do all the time. It's home to a lot of running races as well which means it already has running routes laid out! Right when you step out of the metro you can find the running routes right there. Choose the 5 km route or if you're looking for a longer run, choose the 10 km route.

You're guaranteed some amazing views while you're running as well.

4. La Fontaine Park

Length: 5.5 km 

La Fontaine Park is probably the best park Montreal has to offer. It's perfect for picnics, chilling with friends and also running! If you do a full loop of the park it should be around 5.5 km. If you're looking for a longer run, just do the loop 2 or 3 times! You'll get some gorgeous views of the fountain in the centre and the all the nature Montreal has to offer.

5. Lachine Canal

Recently discovered that running at night leads to prettier views ✨?

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Length: Up to 20 km

This one's definitely a no-brainer. I love running down by Lachine Canal, especially at night or in the mornings. You'll wind up with some stunning views of the sunset/sunrise over the city buildings, it's truly amazing. I actually wound up running on a Saturday night once this summer right in the middle of the fireworks competition. So I got an amazing view of all the fireworks while I was running!

If you're like me and you need some distractions while you run so you're not focusing on how much you feel like you're dying, this is definitely the place to go.

6. Saint Helen's Island to Downtown

Length: 6 km 

If you take the metro to Jean Drapeau station and this time head towards the Concord Bridge. You'll reach Habitat 67 and you'll know you're heading the right way. Follow the canal all the way back downtown for a gorgeous run!

7. Pie-IX Route

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Length: 7 km

If you take a metro out to Pie-lX (pie neuf) station and run along Rue Rachel and finish at McGill University, you'll be in for some amazing views. If you run this route you get the chance to see all of the city from the east side, to the west side. There's some amazing street art along the way as well!

8. Parc Jarry

Length: 2.24 km 

Parc Jarry is an amazing park basically built for runners. The loop is 2.24 km long so do a couple of full loops and you'll be set! The paths are asphalt which makes it a great surface for running, and they are also very wide so it's easy to pass pedestrians. Enjoy the pretty water fountain at the start of you run and some more great views along the way!

9. René-Lévesque Park & Monk Park

Length: 7 km 

These are both amazing parks to run through right here in Montreal. You'll get views of the Lachine Canal, the marina filled with boats and some awesome artistic statues. You can easily extend this run along the Lachine Canal as well.

10. LaSalle Rapids

Length: 7 km 

This is an off the island option for runners. If you're looking for a long-distance running spot with gorgeous views you've found one. LaSalle Rapids Park offers runners the chance to run beside the water rapids! People white water raft here as well, which makes it an extra entertaining run.

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