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10 Montreal Terrasses Where You Can Actually Take Your Dog This Summer

Treat Fido to a night on the town.

Compared to other cities, Montreal doesn't have too many places where you can bring your four-legged pal for some wine-and-dine. As a dog owner, I'm constantly searching for new places where I can relax with my dog while sipping a latté or having a meal. 

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There are a growing number of businesses that are allowing you to bring along your pup, and just in time for all the summer foot traffic. Some even offer a full dog-safe menu so everyone can fill their foodie cravings. Just make sure to double-check with staff and bring your pup on their best behaviour.

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1. Terrasse St. Ambroise

This spacious patio serves up pitchers of beer brewed on sight and your classic pub fare. The staff will even bring out a bowl of water for Fido. Just make sure to keep your dog on lease. 

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2. Brasseur de Montreal 

An upbeat microbrewery that offers some great pub grub and even better brews has a pretty big patio that'll let you bring your leashed pooch along. 

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3. Burgundy Lion

This local English pub has some really cool neighbourhood vibes,  awesome shareable plates, and the largest collection of whisky in Quebec. They have a front and back patio, both allowing your dog to join you as you drink the day away.

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4. Buck 15 Espresso

Ok, not an actual patio, but this little coffee shop known for their cold brew has an amazing graffitti alley filled with benches for you and your pup to admire all of the artwork. Even better, the café lets you bring your dog in with you while you order.

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5. Café M

This cute little café is a great place to wind down and grab a caffeinated drink after walking your best friend. Sit on the small outdoor patio with your dog and enjoy the summer weather. Coffee not your thing? They also offer a decent selection of fresh salads and baked goods.

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6. Restaurant Gault

Located in the boutique Hotel Gaunt on Saint-Hélène, this is the go-to place is you want to treat your pup to a fancy meal and amazing views of of Old Montreal.

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7. Le Doggy Café

If you have a dog, you've probably already been here. The first and only dog café in Montreal, this little restaurant in the heart of the Plateau welcomes both two and four-legged customers to grab a meal and relax both at their outdoor seating and inside. You can even let your dog off leash when inside so they get explore and play with the other pooches. With both a human and dog menu, you have no reason to pass up this dog-centric spot. 

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8. Pain d'Épi

Hungry for some fresh croissants and baguettes? Hit this café up and indulge your sweet tooth in the many baked goods to choose from. After deciding what you want, you and your furry friend can sit outside and soak up the summer sun.

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9. Bar à Beurre

This adorable café and snack stop is known for their delicious macarons and Italian butter cookies. Bring your dog in (on leash!) while you order and even choose from a selection of dog biscuits made fresh daily. Afterwards take a seat at one of their outdoor seating options and let your buddy enjoy their snack!

10. Old Port - De La Commune Street

Old Port is where most flock to for great summer eats and evening strolls, so it's not a surprise that most of the terraces on this street are dog-friendly. Although there aren't any explicit pet policies, the staff tend to turn a blind eye as long as your dog is well-behaved and leashed. Some spots will even bring out a water bowl or dog-safe entrée so your pooch can chow down by your side.

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