12 Montreal Airbnbs You Can Rent For $50, $150, $250, and $1000 Per Night

Pick your price!

We are in the midst of spring and summer is quickly approaching so what better way to celebrate than to rent a loft with your friends! But it shouldn't be just any random loft with a bed and kitchen, it should be absolutely insane, but customized to meet your budget! So instead of busting your head trying to find the perfect loft to rent for a killer weekend in Montreal at a reasonable or completely insane price, just check out the list below!

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We seem to forget that lofts in Montreal are pretty cheap and the best way to rent these lofts is to split the cost between the amount friends you are bringing! So, if are on a tight budget you can stick to the cheaper ones that are still gorgeous! But, if it's your birthday or a special occasion maybe you'll want to splurge a little.. or A LOT!

Airbnbs You Can Rent For $50

Airbnbs You Can Rent For $150

Airbnbs You Can Rent For $250

Airbnbs You Can Rent For $1000

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