12 Insane Cottages In Vermont You Can Rent That Are Perfect For A Weekend Getaway

A perfect retreat!

We are in the midst of spring and what better way to celebrate than to rent a cottage with your friends! But it shouldn't be just any random cottage with a lake and forest, it should be absolutely insane! So instead of busting your head trying to find the perfect cottages to rent for a killer weekend in Vermont, just check out the list below!

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We seem to forget that Montreal is less than two hours away from Vermont where you can have a perfect weekend getaway! Depending on your budget and the occasion, you can now choose between cheap, normal, expensive and extreme priced cottages to meet all your needs! They are truly great and fun for all your crazy friends. Plus, Vermont has so many diverse activities that you can try like their epic zip-line! So, just click on BOOK NOW when you find the cottage you desire and you can rent it out with VRBO.

Cheap Cottages

Normal Cottages

Expensive Cottages

Extreme Cottages

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