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50 Things You Can Do In Montreal

Only fun stuff.

Winter should be a time to pamper and treat yourself.  Hibernation mode is a time to decompress and recharge your batteries. Some people love to do this in the comfort of their own homes. Whereas others get their energy from social interactions. Whatever you prefer, there are activities and ideas all around the city during the cold winter months.

Wether your with your BF or BFF there are tons of ways to treat yourself this winter. Over the next few pages will look at some of the key restaurants you should be visiting for warm and comforting winter food. As well as bars that are perfect for melting away the winter blues.  We'll also show you some of the indoor and outdoor spas that are perfect for a quick get-away.

Don't forget outdoor winter activities! People spend their hard earned money to fly from all around the world just to vacation in our own backyard. We should consider ourselves lucky to live in a true winter wonderland. And finally, we will show you some things to do for free - or almost free - in and around the city.

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