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13 Things You Can Do In Montreal This Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

Fun fall activities ahead!

Happy legalization day Montrealers! This weekend is going to be an exicting one, not only because of legalization, but also because fall is in full swing.

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TL;DR Listed below are 13 things you can do this weekend in Montreal. Some of them cater specifically to those looking to celebrate cannabis legalization today.

Some key events this week: Montreal's Vegan Festival at Palais de Congres which is going down on Saturday and Sunday. Also a vintage and antique bazaar happening in Rosemont at Église St-Jean-Berchmans.

That said, although temperatures are dropping rapidly, the trees are absolutely stunning and just going outside for a long walk is an activity in itself. 

Hope everyone bundles up and has a wonderful weekend!

Friday, October 19th

1. Check out Montreal's premiere "Horror Movie Festival" kicking off this week!

When: October 18th - 27th
Where: Club Soda (and some other locations)

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2. Check out an art show at the Société des arts technologiques [SAT]

When: Friday October 20th // 8:30 p.m.
Where: SAT 

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3. Check out an exclusive screening of Blade Runner 2049 in English

When: Friday, October 19th
Where: Cinéma Moderne // 5150 boul. St-Laurent

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4. Check out the LGBT Film Series at gallery Never Apart

When: Friday, October 19th // 6 - 9 p.m.
Where: Never Apart // 7049 Rue Saint-Urbain

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Saturday, October 20th

1. Check out the weekly pop-up "farmers' market" at Marché Des Éclusiers

Where: Marché Des Éclusiers
When: Every Saturday at 3 p.m. until October 27th

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2. Attend Montreal's premiere "vegan festival" for free! 

Where: Palais Des Congres
When: October 20th & 21st

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3. Get great deals on designer clothing and footwear brands at this "studio sale" 

When: Saturday, October 20th
Where: White Wall Studio Montreal // 4532 avenue Laval

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4. Check out this huge vintage & antique bazaar at Église St-Jean-Berchmans

When: Saturday, October 21st
Where: Église St-Jean-Berchmans

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5. Attend a massive vinyl expo "Le Salon Du Disque"  

When: Saturday, October 21st
Where: 5035 Rue St-Dominique 

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Sunday, October 21st

1. Check out the beautiful "Lantern Festival" at the Montreal Botanical Gardens

Where: Montreal Botanical Gardens
When: Open from September 8 until October 31, 2018.

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2. Celebrate legalization at Tam Tams this weekend!

When: Sunday October 22nd
Where: Tam Tams // Mont Royal

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3. Check out "adoption day" at Le Doggy Cafe!

When: Sunday October 21st 
Where: Le Doggy Café // 4701 St Denis

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4. Check out the fall colours at the most underrated but beautiful parks in the city

Where: Rene Levesque Park // Lachine
When: Anytime!

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