15 'Staycation Airbnbs' You Can Rent In Montreal

Tropical vibes!

Everyone wants to be on vacation in the summer, but sadly not everyone can afford it especially students paying for university. However, I have an easy and cheap alternative that involves some INSANE themed Airbnbs you can rent right here in Montreal.

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Whether you want to feel like you are on a resort, in Europe, partying with your BFFs, or on a relaxing spa getaway I can guarantee that there is something cheap on the list below! So, gather your friends, pick a theme, and have that staycation you've been dreaming of. 

Airbnbs That Make You Feel Like You Are In Europe, Click "NEXT"

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Emily D Emily is currently studying Art History at McGill, but art isn't her only passion! She is also a self-proclaimed cactus whisperer who loves flowers, crab cakes and trying new things.