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15 Montreal "Best Kept Secret" Terrasses

Drinks, food and ambiance you'll want to experience.

Montreal sure is known for being home to some amazing terrasses whether on a boat or on a rooftop. However, Montreal actually has multiple terrasses that are hidden secrets from the general public.

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So, if you and your BFFs are feeling adventurous and want to try something new since you are tired of going to the same places, then I recommend exploring some of Montreal's best kept secret terrasses. The list below composes of some gorgeous restaurants that serve a variety of food and that are located in gardens, and hidden locations all around the city!

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243, av. du Mont-Royal O

If you love Vietnamese food, then you definitely need to check out this place! You and your BFFs can enjoy some delicious food and a fabulous time that'll make any day better.


2. Canal Lounge

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Atwater Market

Ok, you ABSOLUTELY MUST check out Canal Lounge Cafe Flottant! For only $22 you and you bae can have a FULL bottle of sangria as you sit on the terrasse located on top of the boat. It is absolutely stunning and my new favorite place!


3. Perché Bar Terrasse

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153 Rue Saint Amable

Perché Bar Terrasse just opened and trust me, the drinks are just as good as the views! You can enjoy their tapas/entres menu that features tacos and small snacks while sipping on some cocktails as you enjoy the view from the 8th floor.


4. SeaSalt & Ceviche Bar

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351 Place Royale

My motto in life will forever be Rosé All Day and this Montreal dinner club has become my new BFF! Not only can you expect to have some great Rosé, but you will also have great food and a superb night with all you mains.


5. Cafe Il Cortile

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1442 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montréal

Feel like you just got off a plane and landed in Italy by heading to this Montreal cafe called Il Cortile! Not only is the food delicious, but the outdoor terrasse if literally out of this world!


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