16 Breathtaking Hikes Near Montreal For Beginners, Enthusiasts, & Experts


It sure is spectacular to do an expert hike in the summer, but what you didn't know is that it is just as fantastic to hike some easy trails with magical views! If you are a beginner then easy trails are great for you and don't worry, they are just as beautiful! Enthusiasts are usually more on the intermediate side of things while experts go all out and hike for hours! 

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Now, you may be wondering where you fit into this and if there are even that many trails in Quebec. The truth is that everyone can complete at least one category of these hikes! In addition, Montreal is SO CLOSE to SO MANY hiking trails whether they be in Quebec, Vermont, or Maine. So, get ready and book your next road trip.

Epic Hikes For Beginners Near Montreal

Epic Hikes For Enthusiasts Near Montreal

Epic Hikes For Experts Near Montreal

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