16 Cheap, Normal, Rich, & Extreme Breakfast Spots In Montreal You Must Try

Brunch by budget!

There are pretty insane breakfast spots that you can go to in Montreal, but most people think that it comes at a cost. The truth is, that you can have epic brunch at any price! Trust me, you can plan a A1 level date without breaking the bank, or if you prefer you can have an epic date and drop some bills!

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Depending on the occasion, you might want to go big and break the bank or keep things lowkey. So, to help us all out I have composes this list of cheap, normal, expensive, and extreme breakfast spots that you can choose from! So, if it's you and your bae's anniversary you might want to got on the more expensive side and if it's a cute morning with your BFF you can check out the cheap options!

Cheap Breakfast Spots

Normal Breakfast Spots

Expensive Breakfast Spots

Extreme Breakfast Spots

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