16 Cheap, Normal, Rich, & Extreme Restaurants In Montreal You Must Try

Customized to your budget!

Extreme Restaurants:

1. Europea​​​​​​​

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1227 de La Montagne

Headed by chef Jérôme Ferrer, Europea offers a French dining experience that is truly like no other. Their signature 12-course tasting menu is $120 of pure lovely food. This is a perfect location to pretend like you are in Paris on Valentine's day with that extra special someone.


2. Toqué

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900 Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle

Ranked as one of the top 100 restaurants in the world, this is the place where you must take your date to make it official! You can even try their tasting menu that will let you sample the best dishes for $129. There’s even a wine-pairing option but this will cost you about $200.


3. Milos​​​​​​​

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5357 Av du Parc

Milos is a superb restaurant for traditional Greek food. It is honestly gorgeous and the food is to die for! They offer a raw fish buffet and their specialized dish is fried zucchini and eggplant, IT’S SO GOOD and perfect for Valentine's day!


4.  Auberge Saint-Gabriel

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426 Saint Gabriel

Auberge Saint-Gabriel is known for serving divine Québécois cuisine. Veal cheek braised in Porto ($34), squid ink ravioli ($29), suckling pig from straight from a farm in Quebec City ($49), and trout confit ($14) are some of their specialties that will have your wallet crying but your date falling in love.


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