17 Insane Travel Destinations In Quebec To Plan For Summer 2017 If You’re Young, Broke, Or Restless

A truly magical province.

It's officially the beginning of summer and it's time for us young, broke, or restless Montrealers to get out of the city and finally explore the rest of the province! For those broke Montrealers like me, I think we should take advantage of the amazing travel destination right in Quebec to explore. For the young ones, it's time to discover yourself and where you live. But, for the restless, it's time to let out all that energy and do the thrilling trips. 

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So, if you are too broke to go to insane places across Canada or the globe, why not check out some places that are no more than a road trip away! The list below comprises of cheap places to go to in Quebec when you are young, broke, or darn right crazy.

Travel Destinations If You're Young

Travel Destination If You're Broke

Travel Destination If You're Restless

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