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18 Very Cheap "Staycations" In Montreal

Escape within the city.

It's summer time and that means our travel bug is itching and we want to get out there and explore. I don't know about you, but I've basically been daydreaming of traveling every day since the weather started warming up. I sit in the office or in class and just dream about all the places I would go if I had a plane ticket right now. 

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But alas, plane tickets are just too expensive right now. Traveling is amazing and it's definitely worth it to save up and treat yourself to an unreal trip once in a while, but it's also good to spend your money close to home. 

Staycations To Feel Like You're At The Beach 

Staycations To Feel Like You're In Europe

Staycations To Feel Fully Relaxed 

Staycations are sometimes just as good as an actual vacation. Think about it, you're saving money on a plan ticket, you don't have to worry about packing, and it requires literally 0 travel time.

Lucky for us, Montreal is full of amazing things to do in the summer time. So if you were hoping for a beach vacation, a European vacation, or a vacation that will make you fully relaxed, Montreal has all of that right here! 

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