20 Cafes In Montreal That You Must Visit At Least Twice This Summer

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16. Byblos Le Petit Café

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1499 Laurier Ave E

If you love Persian food and a great cup of coffee every morning, then I recommend checking out Byblos located in the Plateau! You can expect nothing but fresh treats.


15. Paquebot

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2110, Bélanger

Enjoy sweet treats and a great time with you friends at Paquebot Cafe! It's lowkey in the sense that you can just chill and and be comfy while enjoy some well deserved snacks and even play board games.


14. Les Oubliettes

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6201, St-Vallier

Feel like you are doing your homework while enjoying a coffee in an origami art show! This cafe is chill and holds beautiful origami art that hangs from the ceiling. It's lowkey, aesthetically pleasing, and great if you want to be productive.


13. Station W

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3852, Wellington

Located in Verdun, this cafe is honestly adorable and vintage AF (I mean look at those tiles)! I didn't even know of it until a went a few weeks ago and I basically like right next door! It's a must visit cafe!


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