20 Epic Summer Road Trips You Can Take That Are 1, 2, 3, & 4 Hours Away From Montreal

Tropical vacations just minutes away!

With spring right at our heels and summer at our finger tips, why not plan a beautiful and adventurous weekend getaway since exams are finally over! The destinations below each host their own specific activity and you can choose how far you are willing to drive. Of course each destination is 514% worth the drive, but if you are on a time budget then not to worry. 

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Each location has multiple activities so find one that suits you best! It's time to gather your BFF, pack a duffel bag,  and enjoy a great weekend getaway with amazing memories that will last forever! Trust me, these trips are like tropical vacations, but just a few hours away from Montreal!

1 Hour Away

2 Hours Away

3 Hours Away

4 Hours Away

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