20 Montreal Things You & Your Sister/BFF Gotta Do Together This Winter

Winter activity inspo!

You thought Winter in Montreal was tough? Our Europeans neighbors to the north in Denmark experience days with up to 17-hours of darkness.  Rough stuff. Remarkably, though, rather than getting down and blue, the Danish actually love and cherish their winter season because they perceive it as an opportunity to connect with their closest friends and family. They even created a word to capture the essence of cozying up and hibernating indoors - they call it "Hygge".

In Montreal, we have a less darkness but WAY more snow. Making winter a prime time to carve out quality moments with the people you love - and create your own magical brand of Canadian "Hygge". This should - obviously - include plenty of snowy outdoor activities playing in the winter wonderland that is our city. If you let the winter months be a time to recharge your batteries and feed the soul,  you'll be ready to spread those social butterfly wings when the warm spring breezes blow into town once again.


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